Hosting Oreo

February 22nd, 2014 by ninja

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At the onset of Mid-Winter Break, we had a gerbil emergency: nobody had officially signed up to be the vacation host to Mika’s beloved class gerbil. As one of the class parents, I contacted the teacher, concerned that the little guy would run out of food and water. Thankfully, the teacher had planned to come into the classroom twice over the break, to prepare materials for class and provide Oreo with bare necessities. That was the cue, where Mika and Tobin urged me to open our house and host him for the week. My biggest concern was his safety. We figured out a pretty good cat deterrent though, so Luna could watch him from a safe distance, but wasn’t able to physically pounce on the tank. We changed his bedding, got him some fresh veggies along with the dry food, and let him exercise in his running ball every day … much to the delight of the kids and their friends!

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