Tobin Loves NYC DOT

November 16th, 2009 by ninja

Lucky day for Tobin: Union Street got new pavement from the waterfront all the way up to Court Street. On our grocery run we encountered the following at the corner of Henry Street: a lineup of 5 black-top hauling dump trucks, the pavement laying monster machine, 3 large rollers (Strassenwalze!), a sweeper truck, a few back-hoe diggers, and of course a crew of at least 20 people working at the immediate site.

When we got home, Tobin flipped over the 4 green carpet tiles in his play corner so that the black backsides were facing up, then lined up all his construction vehicles on top, stepped back and proclaimed: “Guck mal, Mami … die arbeiten!” (Look Mami, they’re working!)

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